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11.05.2018Manoir Pub, St-Maurice
 With Welicoruss

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Magic Circle Festival


Vaalnor @ Magic Circle Festival
July 11, 2010

Vaalnor has been selected to play with Manowar, Arch Enemy, Holyhell, Kamelot, Metalforce, Crosswind, Virgin Steel, Hamelet, and others at Magic Circle Festival July 11. The festival takes place after the Metal Camp (from 5 to 10 July 2010). These two festivals are in Tolmin in Slovenia, with an idyllic beach side of the Soča, mountains and forests all around, and especially concerts on six days of the biggest bands in the world, like Ensiferum, Finntroll, Eluveitie, or even Immortal, Cannibal Corpse or Sonata Artica, there is something for everyone! =>

To play in this festival and have the opportunity to play in the second best festival in the world, Vaalnor needs you! We must sell at least 20 tickets. We have a discounted price of course: we sell the tickets for the Magic Circle Festival € 58.00 instead of € 70.00 (€ 60.00 + € 10.00 commission) on the official site.

Our buddies from Abinchova (folk metal band from Luzern) have the opportunity to play on the same stage but at the Metal Camp. They must also sell tickets, but for Metal Camp.

Therefore we can make a great offer, by combining the ticket Metal Camp and the Magic Circle Festival ticket, both tickets discount !

Do not miss the ideal vacation for Headbangers, and come support us for a festival of madness.

To buy tickets, just send us an email.

Thank you,


Pagan Viking Attack


New gig confirmed : 22 May 2010 in Rock Ness Bar in Le Locle with Depth Melody and Caladmor.


VS Metal Sound


Confirmation of the live on April 24, 2010 at Totem in Sion for the VS Metal Sound Festival.


Viking Metal at Manoir Pub


New gig confirmed : 1 May 2010 at Manoir Pub in St-Maurice with Depth Melody.


Demo recorded !


The record of the demo is finished. The musics are now available free.


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