New design for the WebSite !


With time, Vaalnor has progressed through music and plans to revive more actively in concerts !

That's why the Vaalnor website has been relooked !


News Platforms


Find Vaalnor on online platforms such as iTune, Spotify,
Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, Xbox music, Shazam and more !

Check it and enjoy !


Under The Flag of Nayjis !


The album is finally out !

Thank you very much to everyone who came to support us at the Manor Pub concert for the opening !

Find shortly CDs and Tshirts from the group on the space Vaalnor Shop !


Future of the Band


Hell yeah everybody,

It's in the best mood that we can announce you whom the line-up of vaalnor go to rerun to 6 if everything goes well before the end of April. More information is going to appear during the next weeks.

We will leave to make a new shooting to renew the photos of the already present members and also to create a space on the site for our future guitarist.

We are going also to add some modifications to the site, and soon create the graphic support of the album


Looking for a guitarist


Greeting everybody,
We have just parted from our guitarist,
we are looking for a new.

We are ending our album. We would then love somebody motivated and ready to put themselves to be able to finalise the album and if everything runs to leave in concert.

Contact us directly via the site or on Facebook.
Thank you


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