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30/11/2018Manoir Pub, St-Maurice (CH-VS)
  Finntroll, Norvhar
26/05/2018Manoir Pub, St-Maurice
  With Welicoruss and Harmoniks
10/05/2015Kulturfabrik Kofmehl Solothurn (CH)
  Wit Equilibrium and Abinchova
06/12/2014Pont Rouge, Monthey (CH)
  with Now or Never, Hypocras, Worry Blast, Trollort and Operation Blockhead
15/11/2014Excalibar, Bossonnens (FR) Suisse
  with Battle Tales for the 1 year of the Bar
05/07/2014Manoir PUB, St-Maurice
  Opening of the new album
24/08/2013Totem, Sion (VS)
  With Trollort et Castelway
03/08/2013Festevolrock, Evolène (VS)
  With Trollort, Progstone, Bloodlost et Blasted
13/04/2013Manoir Pub, St-Maurice (VS)
  With Hypocras (GE) & Castleway (VD)
21/01/2012Meh Suff!, soundDock 14, Dietikon (ZH)
  with Einherjer (NO) and Abinchova (CH)
15/10/2011Bikini Test, La Chaux de Fonds
  For opening the Depth Melody's album
01/10/2011Metal Over All, Malleray (JU)
  with Hotroad, Blackwall and Fox
13/11/2010Manoir Pub, St-Maurice (VS)
  with Furor Gallico
23/10/2010Yukon, Collombey (VS)
  with Flayst
11/07/2010Magic Circle Festival @ Metal Camp, Tolmin (Slovenia)
  with Manowar, Arch Enemy, Kamelot, Holyhell, Virgin Steele, Metalforce, Crosswind, and others.
22/05/2010Rock Ness Bar, Le Locle (NE)
  with Depth Melody and Caladmor
01/05/2010Manoir Pub, St-Maurice (VS)
  with Depth Melody
24/04/2010VS Metal Sound Festival , Totem, Sion (VS)

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